Glen Ellyn, IL Market Snapshot

Glen Ellyn, IL

Single Family Homes Sales, Prices and Inventory

Each data point is 12 months of activity.

Number of Home Sales

The real estate market in Glen Ellyn continues to be strong at nearly all price points, despite constrained inventory for mid and lower priced homes. Home sales and prices in Glen Ellyn have stayed steady in the past several years showing the general appeal of the Glen Ellyn community.

Average Sales Price

In Glen Ellyn, the average sales price in all categories increased overall by about 2%. Lower and mid-priced homes sold for about 1.5% less in the past year which should give some encouragement to Millenial and first-time homebuyers who would like to purchase a home but have been discouraged by rising prices. Sellers of higher-priced homes have enjoyed a slight increase in the average sale prices. In the coming year, they should rely on local market data to price their homes rather than looking at national reports that show a higher rate of price increases. 

Average Market Time

Market time is the number of days that a house was on the market when it went under contract. Over the past year, homes priced below $500,000 went under contract in an average of about 80 days, while homes priced over $500,000 were on the market an average of 3 to 4 months before selling. 

Average Months Supply

For the past several years Glen Ellyn has been a strong seller's market for lower and mid-priced homes, but a buyer's market for homes priced in the upper ranges.  

Under 4 months of supply indicates a seller's market with more active buyers than there are homes for sale, so sellers have the upper hand in pricing and negotiating. More than 7 months of supply shows a buyer's market with more homes for sale than active buyers, so buyers can expect to negotiate for more favorable deals. A balanced market with 4 to 6 months of inventory generally has steady sales and prices. 

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