1. Custom Pre-Listing Plan

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Custom Pre-Listing Plan

We’re not contractors, painters, window salesmen, reality TV hosts, or your sister’s decorator in Florida. We're professional marketers who know what home buyers in our area want and what they’re willing to pay. We work with you to develop a custom plan that will attract the right buyers and take into account your timing, budget, and goals for selling your home.

1. Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection will identify issues likely to be noticed during showings by buyers and their agents, and noted during the buyer’s home inspection.

  • Material defects, which are issues with systems or components of the property that affect the value or create a safety hazard.
  • Minor defects and cosmetic flaws that will affect the perceived value of the property.
  • It's almost always less expensive and less stressful to do necessary repairs ahead of time, rather than in the time crunch after the buyer's home inspection.

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2. Staging Consultation

Home staging has never been more critical. It's about presenting the home -- online and during showings -- to create an emotional connection to potential buyers.

Our staging consultation is a “walk and talk”: the stager talks while the home seller and agent take notes. A more extensive staging consult usually takes several hours and includes a written report with recommendations for everything from paint color to furniture placement.

3. Market Analysis

Our market analysis will give you fact-based insight on how to make your house competitive when you list your home for sale. We evaluate comparable sales, active listings, listings under contract, and properties that haven't sold to establish the reasons behind what has - and hasn’t - sold in recent months.

We want to understand what affects the value of comparable homes in your local market. This will help us advise you on how to price your home, what to repair or update, and what issues we may need to address when we go on the market.

4. Your Custom Pre-Listing Plan

Once we have the reports and analysis completed, we sit down with you to create a plan for moving forward. We will help you prioritize the repairs, updates, and improvements necessary to sell your home for the most money and the least hassle.

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