Seller Love Letter

Dated: 01/17/2020

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Seller Love Letter

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"Why We Have Loved Living Here"

A Seller Love Letter tells the story of "why we have loved living here". When you are selling your home you can create an emotional connection with potential buyers by sharing information beyond room sizes and square footage. In a Seller Love Letter, you can share personal thoughts and helpful information about your home and neighborhood. Buyers also appreciate photos and brochures of local attractions and community events

Ideas For Your Seller Love Letter

Favorite memories: All homes have their own endearing stories, whether they be about a dynamic professional who is moving out of a condo to start a family or empty-nesters are now moving to downsize and be near their grandkids.

Where To Have Fun: Buyers would love to hear about your favorite places like dog parks, playgrounds, running trails, yoga studios, bookstores, and where to take out-of-town guests. 

Neighborhood and Community Events: Locals and new residents will like to learn about block parties, parades, house walks, the best places to see fireworks on the 4th of July. 

Local stores and businesses:  Make a list of your favorite vendors and service providers like dentists, restaurants, dry cleaners, and beloved specialty stores.

Other Information To Include

Recommended service providers: home buyers deeply appreciate the list of people who have worked in the home such as painters, plumbers, house cleaners, landscapers, and carpet cleaners.

History of repairs, updates, and improvements: In addition to the Seller Homework documents, you could include a description of special projects you did around the home along with relevant plans, permits, warranties, receipts, and service contracts.

The goal of a Seller Love Letter is to help your buyer envision living their best lives when they purchase your home!

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Seller Love Letter

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