Is your home alluring, compelling, even seductive? It better be in this competitive market, because these days it’s a price war and a beauty contest when your home is listed for sale. Everyone knows that 90% of all buyers start their home search on the internet and everyone should agree that lots of great photos are the best way to show off your home to attract the all-too-elusive buyers.

Playboy evokes more of an emotional response in it’s target audience than Woman’s Day. Listing photos should create an emotional response that stimulates a buyer to select your home over all the others available.

Whether my listing is a 1,200 sf condo or a 10,000 sf mansion, to make it look its’ most alluring I always use a professional photographer. My favorite photographer, Jason, is endlessly tolerant as I move accessories around and fiddle with lighting until we get just the right shot.

Some agents say they reserve the professional photographer for the high end listings. I operate differently: if there are hundreds of nice homes at a price point, the best way to make a listing stand out in the internet clutter is with professional photos (but it better be priced compellingly, too!).

Don’t post the bad photos online or use them in your marketing pieces. It doesn’t do the house justice in trying to effectively market it to your potential buyers and it doesn’t do the seller justice—and in the end, not posting (or taking) bad photos will help affirm to the seller that they made the right choice by selecting a professional to sell the home.

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