Wayne, IL is a small community that straddles the DuPage-Kane border and is located just east of St. Charles. The Village of Wayne, IL is a residential community with a population of about 4,000 residents in about 1,100 households. Local residents will sometimes laughingly refer to Wayne as “Waaaaaayyynnnne” in nod to the equestrian heritage and the many property owners who “keep their horses at home”.

In the 1860s the Dunham family settled in Wayne, IL and founded Oaklawn Farms for breeding and selling prize Percheron horses.Today the Village and Dunham Castle are listed as historic districts in the National Register of Historic Places. Wayne offers a wide range of houses that appeal to buyers looking for a more relaxed lifestyle that is still just minutes from shopping, dining, and expressways.

A historic community outside of Chicago, Wayne is split between DuPage County and Kane County. The eastern portion in DuPage rests in Wayne Township and the western part in Kane is in St. Charles Township.

An affluent community with a rich history, Wayne’s vast, spacious farmland was home to horse breeding and research dating back as early as the 19th century. Today, Wayne still holds the beautiful, far-reaching lands and historic architecture, which draws many new home buyers to the area every year. 
To this day, Wayne holds its equestrian traditions very near and dear, boasting miles of paths custom made for horses, including a number of horse farms, boarding stables and riding centers. The outdoor spirit is strong all around as the Wayne-DuPage Hunt is one of only a couple fox hunt groups remaining in the Chicagoland area. This reenactment features 60 fox hounds and upwards of 150 participants. It should be worth noting that this day and age, treating the animals humanely is a point of emphasis as no foxes are harmed during the hunt.

Wayne is also home to the Pratt’s Wayne Woods forest preserve, the largest in DuPage County. The preserve runs into the Illinois Department of Natural Resource’s land, creating 4,000-plus acres of natural wonder.

The vast majority of Wayne home owners are married couples with a smaller percentage having children under the age of 18 in the home. This prosperous community brings individuals and families of all types together who have one important thing in common: living in a historic, spacious, beautiful area with an emphasis on the outdoors and a love for animals.


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