Good Will Network

good will networkCourtesy, Cheerfulness and Respect.

These are the values that lie at the heart of Baird & Warner’s service commitment to our clients. Wyllys Baird wrote our “Good Will Statement” nearly a century ago … but ti’s just as relevant today.

Through our charitable contributions — and the ongoing volunteerism of our sales associates, management team and staff — we are steadfastly committed to making a positive difference in the lives of people all over Northeastern Illinois.

Our connection is so strong because our roots are so deep; after all, this is our home too.

Far beyond valued clients, the people of Chicagoland are our neighbors and our friends.  When they need us, we’re there to help — shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart.

Through the Baird & Warner Good Will Network, we strive to meet our social responsibilities, help those in need, and service as a model for other corporate citizens.

Since it’s incepetion in 2002, the Baird & Warner Good Will Network has donated thousands of volunteer hours and over $1 million to a broad range of local causes.  We are also proud recipients of the 2006 National Make a Difference Award from USA Weekend and The Paul Newman Foundation.